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MiniMed mio

Medtronic introduced the MiniMed™ Mio™ Advance infusion set to all Medtronic insulin pump customers in the United States.

The MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set is inserted in four steps:

  1. peel
  2. pinch
  3. place
  4. press to insert the infusion set

The MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set enables:

  • One-handed insertion and flexibility to access more insertion sites.
  • A fully hidden needle before, during, and after insertion.
  • Consistent insertion force with the built-in insertion device.
  • Fewer insertion steps.
  • Rotation of sites for better skin health and insulin absorption.

Medtronic Ambassadors using the infusion set have provided positive feedback. In the countries where the infusion set was launched in 2018, 85% of patients preferred it to previous infusion sets.

If you would like help on anything insulin pump related please email info@integrateddiabetes.com or call 1(610)642-6055 to set up an appointment.

For more information visit: http://newsroom.medtronic.com/news-releases/news-release-details/medtronic-introduces-minimedtm-miotm-advance-infusion-set

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