Pros & Cons of the Medtronic Guardian3 – 670G or Guardian Connect Continuous Glucose Monitor

medtronic 670G review

  • Unique Advantages: Pros

    • Available with 670G integration or Guardian Connect app (but not both)
    • Approved Sensor life 7 days (sensors may be reused)
    • Customizable alerts for different times and days
    • Single-button insertion
    • Vibrate & audio alerts only limited by phone’s options (Guardian Connect only)
    • Real time alerts for high, low, rate of change, or predictive low/high
    • Real-time sharable data (Guardian Connect only)
    • Sugar IQ companion app generates reports, indicates patterns/trends (Guardian Connect only)
  • Potential Drawbacks: CONS

    • 2 hour warm up time
    • Complicated taping procedure
    • Multiple tapes can cause skin skin issues
    • Requires at least once calibration every 12 hours
    • Stops generating data if not calibrated
    • Transmitter requires 10-20 minute charge every 7 days
    • Only compatible with Medtronic pumps, apps, and uploading
    • Guardian Connect Apps available only on Apple devices
    • Impacted by acetaminophen use
    • Fair accuracy