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In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites we asked where you would most likely invest $1000 if it was given to you specifically to invest in a diabetes-related company. 

A. Lilly (gotta love American-made insulin)

B. Medtronic (their closed-loop system leaves others in the dust)

C. Dexcom (nobody makes a better CGM)

D. Abbott (very cool meter & flash technology)

E. BD (disposables are where the money’s at)

F. Roche (slow & steady wins the race)

G. A smaller business (innovative companies such as Insulet, Tandem, Ascensia)

There were 240 responses.  Here’s where you would put your money:

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THIS MONTH: Will the new FDA Director lead us to the promised land, or the road to ruin?

We’d like to know what you think of Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the man chosen by President Trump (and recently confirmed by the US Senate) to head the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  Dr. Gottlieb has done a TON of paid consulting work for pharmaceutical companies over the years, leading many to believe that his decision-making will be biased.  But he also believes strongly in streamlining the approval process for new drugs and devices (including allowing for the promotion of off-label uses), which could lower costs and help bring products to market much sooner. 

Tell us what you think and take the survey!