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low carb

Low carb diets and recommendations are not new “News”. You’ll find a lot of info online about success of those eating low carb with diabetes and fantastic lines that look flat and stable. But, how low carb do you need to be in order to achieve lower variability?

A Danish study (although small sample size) has revealed that for those with type 1 diabetes, reducing the carbohydrate intake to around 100g per day compared to 250g was beneficial. The study showed reduction in hypoglycemia as well as overall more stable BGs. Another factor that was evaluated was management of weight.

In the 12-week trial there were 10 people who followed through from start to finish. Each person was set up with a sensor-augmented insulin pump as well as a meal plan that was specific to their needs.  Through the study time, all carbohydrate intake was entered into the pump.

The study found that the participants who ate 100g carb daily had less issue with blood glucose below 70mg/dl or 3.9 mmol/L (and there were no noted events of severe hypoglycemia through the study). The lower carb participants also lost more weight during the study time.

This study is yet another bit of info, among that from prominent physician Dr. Richard Bernstein and colleagues that appears to support the growing evidence base that limiting carb intake can benefit people with diabetes. The overall premise being that starchy carbs/grains, fruits and typical treats produce larger blood glucose spikes, after which crashes can often occur due to larger insulin doses that can be less predictable in effect.

Is a low carb diet right for you? How low carb do you need to go?

If you’d like some assistance with determining your needs and how to adjust give us a call at Integrated Diabetes Services – we’d be happy to help you navigate the lower carb waters! call:610-642-6055.

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