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Inconvenient Lows While you’re Driving

driving with low blood sugar

I know, all lows are inconvenient. If you take insulin, you’re bound to experience some low blood sugars and they’ll most likely be a disruption to whatever you’re doing.

A few of my least favorite times for low blood sugars are when I’m sleeping, in the middle of a great workout, in class, and the topic of this article, while driving.

Have you ever experienced a low blood sugar behind the wheel? What did you do?

A recent study evaluated insulin treated drivers to see if they experience hypoglycemia or a sudden unexpected fall of blood sugar while driving. Researchers from University Montpellier investigated this as a potential daily-life concern for people with diabetes. They estimated the incidence of hypoglycemia in insulin-treated drivers, determined factors associated with the occurrence, and analyzed patients’ behavior regarding prevention of sudden fall of blood sugar.

The results were as follows:

19% self-reported at least 1 hypoglycemic event while driving in the preceding year with hypoglycemic unawareness significantly associated with their occurrence. Awareness of the treatment of hypoglycemia risk because of information provided by a medical specialist was associated with hypoglycemia while driving. Additionally, 49% of them self-reported hypoglycemia while driving. In addition to lows occurring while driving, 34% reported they never carried carbohydrates to treat lows and 76% did not monitor blood sugar level before driving.

Driving with a low blood sugar can be seriously dangerous and blood sugar needs to be monitored to get behind the wheel safely. If you go low while driving it is important to pull over and supplement carbohydrate. Our team can help you prevent low blood sugars and provide advice on best treatment and how much will likely be needed. Email info@integrateddiabetes.com or call US toll free: 877-735-3648 outside US: 011-1-610-642-6055.

Read the original article: https://medicaldialogues.in/diabetes-endocrinology/news/drivers-on-insulin-may-experience-sudden-blood-sugar-fall-while-driving-study-68726

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