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A Financial Windfall for Symlin Users? Learn How to Earn $200!

Symlin users earn cash

Many of you are familiar with Symlin.  For those who aren’t, Symlin is an injectable hormone that can be taken by people with diabetes along with their mealtime insulin.  It mimics the amylin hormone that is normally produced by the beta cells of the pancreas at mealtimes (type-1s don’t make any, and type-2s don’t make enough).  Its purpose is to slow digestion, blunt hunger, and keep the pancreas from producing glucagon at inappropriate times.

Although beneficial from a weight-loss and post-meal blood sugar control standpoint, many people have lost interest in Symlin due to its various side effects (nausea, hypoglycemia, inconvenience).  However, for those who still use Symlin, there may be a special added benefit:  FINANCIAL.  A market research company in the Philadelphia area is looking for current Symlin users over the age of 18 to evaluate a new medication delivery device.  The research involves just one visit to the research center later this summer, and no injections are required (it’s for discussion only). 

Best of all, it pays $200!

If you’re interested, please email nancy@integrateddiabetes.com, or call 610-642-6055.

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