joydays cookies

It’s not often that we get excited about specialty foods that are formulated specifically for people with diabetes. But we were pleasantly surprised by Joydays cookies. 

Joydays is a startup company offering low-glycemic snacks based on feedback from chefs, dietitians, and Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialists.

Their first line of products (cookies in a variety of flavors) contains low-glycemic-index ingredients to help avoid big spikes in blood sugar. Each 2-pack of cookies contains more fiber (5g) than sugar (3g), 10g of digestible carb, 120 calories, and NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS – so no aftertaste or rumbling in the tummy.  They also have 75% less fat than typical “keto” cookies.

Our team had a chance to give Joydays cookies a try. And guess what? They’re actually better than they claim. The post-snack glucose rise was barely noticeable, and they taste really good – similar to Entenmann’s. We also like the packaging:  2 cookies to a pack, so there’s less temptation to sit and eat an entire “sleeve”.

Joydays cookies are available to purchase on their website. 3 flavors are currently available:  Chocolate chip, double chocolate, and peanut butter. A variety pack is also available. They ship everywhere in the US.  

Interested in giving Joydays a try? Here’s a little incentive for friends of Integrated Diabetes Services.

When placing your order, use the code BITESOFJOY15 & receive a 15% discount off your order.