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Phillie FanaticJDRF-night-at-the-Phillies!

Phellow Philadelphians:

Join us on Wednesday, August 23rd at 7pm for JDRF NIGHT AT THE PHILLIES when the Phils host the Miami Marlins.  Three sections of Citizens Bank Park (priced at $20, $38 and $47) have been reserved for the local type-1 community, including family, friends and coworkers.  There will also be:

* T1D information tables on the main concourse

* Diabetes videos & messages on the “jumbotron”

* A special tailgate event prior to the game at 5pm

Phillies logo

Perhaps best of all, the Phillies will be making a donation to JDRF for each ticket sold!

You don’t have to be a Phillies fan (or a baseball fan) to enjoy this event.  It’s a great opportunity to meet some nice people, support JDRF, and have a fun time at the ballpark.  Let’s “pack the house” and show our support for JDRF… and the Phillies!!!

For more information or to order tickets, go to http://phillies.com/jdrf



**BTW, hot dogs are just 27g carb each.  So if you eat 10, that comes to… way too many ;-)


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