JDRF Launches Research Update Video

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has a video available on YouTube entitled “Improving Lives:  Drugs and Devices.”

The video reviews the latest research in the management of type-1 diabetes, including AP (artificial pancreas systems), CKM (Continuous Ketone Monitoring for the prevention of diabetic ketoacidosis), insulin enhancements (faster, cell-targeted, and glucose-responsive insulins), and application of type-2 medications in the treatment of type-1 diabetes (including GLP-1 receptor agonists and SGLT-2 inhibitors).

The AP overview is quite interesting, although the term “artificial pancreas” is quite misleading.  These are actually hybrid closed loop systems with some automated insulin delivery, not full replacements for a defective pancreas.  Nevertheless, it is exciting to see what JDRF is doing to improve the lives of people living with T1D here and now.