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IDS connections

Introducing IDS Connections!

Keep an eye on your inbox this fall as we roll out a new live community and education service exclusively for our IDS community!

IDS Connections

IDS Connections will bring our clients, educators, and diabetes community together to share experiences, struggles, victories, and information around all things diabetes!

Through 20 minute interactive online forums we will share information, updates, laughs, helpful topics, tips and bring our clients (past and present) together TO CHANGE THE WORLD!!
… Ok that might take some more planning, but it will definitely help you smile, help you keep motivated and energized, and maybe even have some fun and make new “diabesties”!

Spaces will be limited so keep your eyes on your inbox later this month and register early!

This is an exclusive service for past and present IDS clients, so if you’d like in on this as well as the cutting edge practical education we offer here at Integrated Diabetes Services reach out to schedule your consultation.

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