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Integrated Diabetes Services
Average rating:  
 67 reviews
 by Denise S. (Amber's Mom)

Hi Jenny!!
I know my retainer is done for now and I’m seeing you Monday but I wanted to share something with you. Yesterday I took Amber to a concert with a VIP experience…it was long, hot, a lot of activity, a lot of sedentary time, and a lot of extraneous factors at play. I’m attaching a pic of her cgm…this is what you taught us. You have made all the difference in the world in how we manage the burden of T1. Yesterday (and more frequently than ever lately, diabetes was an afterthought for Amber. We go into things with the tools you gave us and know we can handle it. It is now life first and diabetes second. We lost data at the concert and Amber went low; she felt it, checked it, and took care of it herself without me even knowing it. I wanted to share these victories with you because you and integrated diabetes services have made this possible for my daughter! When we found you, we were lost, defeated, and scared. Now, Amber is becoming more confident as I teach her and she is taking the reins for her own care more and more. We look forward now with hope and most importantly confidence! So thank you!!

Sorry for the long sappy message but I wanted you to join in on this victory with us because you are such a huge part of it!!

 by Emily R. (and Connor)

Thank you so much for the advice you gave us before our trip to New York City. The whole week was flawless and we never needed to use our backups, thanks to Connor being so on top of everything. The piece of mind I had thanks to our conversation was worth its weight in gold!

 by Gina Marra
Where do you live?: North Carolina

IDS and my diabetic educator Tavia Vital saved my life. The first 9 months after my diagnosis I was bouncing around between 50 and 300 almost every single day. My brief diabetes education at the hospital, my three-month checkups with the endocrinologist was not helpful in the least. I had just recovered from cancer treatment, and the traumatic mental, emotional and physical effects of trying to live with type 1 diabetes left me in a hopeless place. I knew I needed to do something or I was going to die. I began searching for a private diabetes educator and I came across IDS. After my first meeting with Tavia, I knew this was the service and the person I needed. Not only did she monitor and evaluate my blood sugar over weekly intervals, she taught me how to fine tune my management. I learned how to bolus for foods with various glycemic index, how and when to use an extended bolus, how to bolus for meals with high fat, carb and protein content, and how to avoid and if necessary, treat hypoglycemia without ending up in the 300s afterwards. I learned how to management my blood sugar when I’m sick or under stress, as well as during physical activity such as exercise, grocery shopping, working in the yard and traveling. My A1C went from 14% at diagnosis to 7% after working with Tavia. My time in range improved from 35-50% to 70-80% of the time. I’m not finished with my work with Tavia but I feel so much better mentally and physically and have a more hopeful outlook on life. I think she is brilliant and kind and compassionate, and I look forward to our meetings every week. I highly recommend IDS for your education and management of type 1 diabetes. I couldn’t have found a better person or service to trust with my health and wellbeing.

 by Miranda Silvious
Where do you live?: Burke, VA, USA

I wanted to share how grateful I am for the impact that you and your team are having on my life and my health. Both my numbers and my quality of life have improved in a major way. My latest A1C is BY FAR the lowest I've ever achieved, and we did it without the many lows and sleepless nights I used to have! It is worth noting that I achieved this despite the impacts of COVID being in full swing. I have also been educated in countless ways. Your motivation and positivity combined with always working in a judgement-free zone have done more for my physical and mental health than I could have imagined.

 by sam jones
Where do you live?: denver

this site is great, really informative!

 by Arias Osborn, mom of Brooke, age 9
Where do you live?: San Antonio, TX

Hi! I’ve been referring a few people to you. One new friend has a step daughter with type-1. First thing I said was “Call Integrated Diabetes and get plugged in with their team. It will make it so much easier to know what you're doing & get proper guidance.” Another mom of a little one mentioned how they were struggling w/ highs and lows. I said “Call my friends at IDS. it will be the best call you will make.”

 by Sophie Pollmann Mom of Oscar, age 14
Where do you live?: Westport, CT

I just recommended more people to your practice. Everyone I have recommended is so happy! You guys help people so much. 3 Years in, I finally feel like I can breathe. I can’t even imagine not having found you. Thank you for all you do!

 by Nilmari Gonzalez
Where do you live?: Washington, DC, USA

Working with Integrated Diabetes Services has been one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my T1D management. I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable since I’ve lived with the condition for quite some time. The IDS team has been able to identify areas to improve that I had not thought of. Plus, their knowledge and personal experience of the insulin pump I use has made my management easier. My IDS clinician has been extremely empathetic and has always encouraged me to keep moving forward despite challenges along the way. Thank you for helping me to not see T1D as a burden!

 by Elizabeth Spencer
Where do you live?: Lebanon, TN, USA

I'm so glad we took the time to work on customizing my target range. This was the exact kind of info & support I needed. (T1D x 57 yrs!!!)

 by Patty McHugh
Where do you live?: Effingham, IL, USA

It's one thing to have "knowledge" of diabetes and the "theory" of how things should work, but the fact that everyone on your staff is living with T1D and understands the complexity of managing it has given us a support system that is second to none!

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