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Integrated Diabetes Services
Average rating:  
 48 reviews
by Emily Wardell on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Austin, TX

After just two meetings, I now feel like I can take the wheel and drive the diabetes bus!

by Leiani Hedberg on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Huntington Beach, CA

I was referred to IDS by my now retired RD, CDE. I was hesitant because of the cost involved & she assured me the benefit was well worth the cost. I made an appointment with Annette & I'm so THANKFUL that I did. I started OmniLoop about 2 months prior & was really struggling - not only with Loop but the emotional/mental toll of T1 as well. The relief I felt after the very first conversation was indescribable. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted & could see the light at the end of the tunnel. To talk to another T1 who "gets it" has been wonderful. She understands what I'm talking about & the daily challenges with T1. It hasn't been easy the last couple of months but she has been there every step of the way answering (numerous) emails & making recommendations. Since our initial contact, I have been scheduled for surgery & Annette has been working diligently to get my settings adjusted so I can continue to Loop during surgery & post-op. I am so thankful I took the leap & called IDS!! The support & understanding has been great. I highly recommend IDS (and Annette) if you are struggling & need help.

by Deepak Malhotra on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Dubai

I first met Gary in May 2018 and what I learnt from him was life changing. Up until that point, I was having many issues with my diabetes. He gave me the knowledge to learn how to deal with these issues, educating me about Afreeza and the Loop.

His private practice, Integrated Diabetes, provides constant support. Gary, along with his colleague Jenny, have enabled me to incorporate technological advances into my daily lifestyle, enhancing my quality of life.

There is no doubt that Gary’s and Jenny’s counsel has enabled me to manage my diabetes more successfully. Gary continues to inspire – notwithstanding that he’s authored books, published articles, is a regular speaker and trainer, this year he’s also planning an epic fund raising event cycling 90 miles through the desert in Death Valley, California for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). A true inspiration!

I feel very optimistic about the future – Gary and Jenny have played a major part in that and I will be forever grateful.

by Aly Urrego on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Virginia

I have worked with Jenny twice now for both of my pregnancies. She is the reason I have had two healthy babies. She made the daunting process of being pregnant with diabetes so much more manageable. Our weekly check-ins via email and monthly calls are the reason I kept an A1c of 5.0 (Whaat? Yes. You read right. I know. She showed me it is achievable.) throughout my pregnancy. I would have never been able to obtain an A1c like that or keep up with visits to the local CDE at my Endo’s office with my work schedule. I had to ask a quick pump question during my labor and delivery and Jenny answered right away. Words really can’t express how grateful I am for her. Thank you Jenny & Integrated Diabetes Services for helping me bring two healthy beautiful baby boys into this world. You are so appreciated.

by Kristin on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Washington, MI

Had a phone appointment with Jennifer Smith. I wanted help managing my daughtér's diabetes, and I wanted to get some advice on how to help her as she gets older. The appointment was SO worth it. So much insight on how to manage diabetes and sports - so much more valuable than any doc appointment we have ever had. I look forward to talking with her again - I know there is still so much I could learn. We have already seen real results with our daughter - such good practical advice. I would highly highly recommend!!!

by Deepak Malhotra on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Dubai

I took counsel from diabetes educator Gary Scheiner and flew to Philadelphia with my wife in May 2018. I found it life changing in terms of the knowledge I gained about how to deal with some of my issues. It was there I first learned about Afreeza and the Loop.

by Ross Weiner on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Madison, NJ

IDS is pretty darn amazing.

What surprises me the most is how dramatically my "acceptable standards" in my head have shifted. Things that I would have gladly tolerated before teaming with IDS in terms of BGs and other aspects of managing T1D now seem unacceptable to me. Perhaps more accurately, I am now confident that I can do better.

This is a great! Thanks so much to all of IDS!

by Ed on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Phoneixville, PA

Gary and his team are great! He has been giving me expert care for many years to help control my type 1 diabetes. He has helped to teach me how to use several devices as well as fine tune my pump. I recommend him wholeheartedly!

by Mila Kurtz on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Des Plaines, IL

I know I am still working to get better, but I am SO HAPPY with the improvement!
I can’t thank you enough for all your help, I am losing the fear and feeling more confident in taking the right amounts of insulin and eating a healthy amount of carbs. Looking forward to learning more and more from you!

by by Kris Rogerson, (Mom Of Morgan) on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: New Hope, PA

I have had a few calls with (your nurse) Alicia about my (teenage) daughter Morgan. I wanted you to know that the professionalism and optimism that I have encountered with Alicia has been remarkable. Alicia has a great way with her! We’ve made a few small modifications that have been helpful. Last week, Morgan had her endo check and her a1c went up slightly. Alicia responded quickly, encouraged me and scheduled a call within 24 hours. She gave me direct and simple changes to make, suggestions about how to best utilize her pump/sensor, and good perspective. I appreciate her kindness. I appreciate her knowledge. And I appreciate her good humor.
Thank you for being the tremendous resource that you are!

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