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Integrated Diabetes Services
Average rating:  
 58 reviews
by Patty McHugh on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Effingham, IL, USA

It's one thing to have "knowledge" of diabetes and the "theory" of how things should work, but the fact that everyone on your staff is living with T1D and understands the complexity of managing it has given us a support system that is second to none!

by Carole Jesiolowski on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Sarasota, FL

I want to thank you for an amazing experience over the last three months. You helped me get rid of some long-time bad habits, made me think about diabetes in a new way, and taught me so much. SO MUCH! I can't thank you enough. You make Diabetes (almost) Fun!

by Roxanne L (mom of Chase, age 17) on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: The Woodlands, TX,

After our first meeting with you, I vowed to never work with anyone again who is not personally connected with T1D. THANK YOU for giving me my sanity back, at the time when I most needed it.

by Elizabeth D - mom of Michael on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: South Dakota

Integrated Diabetes Services has been integral in getting us to a better place. Right after my son's diagnosis, someone recommended Gary's "Think Like a Pancreas" book to me, and it helped me to cross over that bridge from despair and worry to an area of much more understanding. Naturally, I looked up IDS after I finished the book to see if they had any more materials. I watched several webinars, and then launched into consulting with Dana.

I'm not a very "techy" person, so Dana patiently walked me through all my options and helped me every step of the way when I felt overwhelmed by it all. Diane was on hand to help me with some emotional needs as well.

Thanks to IDS, my son's a1c and in-range numbers are amazing (our endo says he's in his top percentage of patients for good control at this time), and he's feeling great. We owe IDS a great deal for not only helping us gain better control over T1D, but also for helping both my son and me thrive!

by Elizabeth B. on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Pittsboro, NC

When I met with y'all last summer, I was in a health tailspin. Happening in the middle of the pandemic, I felt I couldn't go to in-person endo/cde appointments for help. IDS' remote services allowed me to safely access the healthcare support I needed. Your team's positivity and steadfast assurance lifted my spirits and helped me meet my goals. Many, many thanks for all the help with navigating one of the most precarious health episodes of my life!

by Roxanne LaPlante (mom of Chase) on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Woodlands, TX, USA

wanted to let you know that we have been working with the IDS team for a few weeks now and you are AMAZING!! Aside from covering all of the "nuts and bolts", you have been compassionately addressing the emotional roller-coaster I've been on, and giving me both confidence and reassurance that we will get to a better place.

by Amber Rude, mom of Elise (age 7), on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Des Moines, IA

We didn't get to send you a proper thanks! We just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for all of your diligent help, your patience with us, and your many super helpful recommendations. We are in such a better place than we were one year ago, and we owe SO MUCH to you!

by - Catherine Lewis (mom of Holly) on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: North Yorkshire, UK

I just wanted to say thank you. We just had our first appointment today (over phone) with Holly's new doctor. He was so impressed with Holly's blood sugar management that he wanted to know 'our secret.'  I told him about Integrated Diabetes, Gary's book and The Juice box Podcast so hopefully he will learn something from you all too.

by Rachel Belk on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Greenville, SC, USA

I thought I would share how my endo visit went this morning. My doc was amazed at my progress and the ownership I've taken over the last few months! It was cool to see her react so positively to all the changes I've made (on my own and with your help). Just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do and for the help that you give people who live with such a challenging disease. I know that I would not be as healthy and as confident with my management had I not found Integrated Diabetes Services. Count me as a reference for how awesome it is to work with you guys!

by Kristie W. on Integrated Diabetes Services
Where do you live?: Arvada, CO, USA

My daughter is part of a study at our local diabetes treatment center. I just had a call with their clinician, and I have to tell you that I ran circles around her! I felt like I was teaching her! It’s all thanks to YOU. I wish everyone could get help the way we have from Integrated Diabetes! Just wanted to send you a digital hug ?

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