Taking pump/A.I.D. system management to the next level

Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of people with diabetes have made the move to move to insulin pump/automated insulin delivery systems.

However, the unique benefits of pump therapy continue to elude many.  Insulin pumps are like most technological devices:  only as effective as the user.  And given the state of healthcare today, few people are provided with the tools and resources to use their pumps in a truly effective manner.

Need proof?

  • When was the last time you were taken through a full battery of fasting tests to fine-tune your basal settings?
  • Have you been taught strategies for preventing and resolving pump-related mishaps?
  • Do you know the many ways to apply the various advanced pump features?

Using a pump means so much more than just pressing buttons.  Since 1995, Integrated Diabetes Services has coached more than 2000 pump users on optimal use of their devices.

We tailor our services to each person’s unique needs, such as:

Fine-tuning of:

  • Basal rates
  • Insulin:carb ratios
  • Correction doses

Use & application of:

  • Temporary basal rates
  • Extended bolus features
  • Alternate basal patterns
  • Other advanced features
  • Device downloading & analysis
  • Choosing the right infusion set
  • Infusion set use & rotation
  • Pump use with sports/fitness activities

Tandem t:slim X2

At Integrated Diabetes Services, all of our diabetes clinicians have personally worn each type of insulin pump and are certified to train on every pump model.  We can answer your technical questions and offer fair comparisons of the various pumps.  When you’re ready for a pump upgrade, we’ll provide a detailed review of the features and the pros and cons of each option so that you can choose the best pump for you.

Our Service Process

All consultations are available in-person or remotely via phone and the internet (including video conferencing). Prior to your initial consultation, we’ll send you a self-care assessment packet to complete and return to us.  That way, we won’t waste your valuable time with questions and topics that are of no interest to you.  The assessment will be reviewed by your personal diabetes coach who will begin formulating a teaching/management plan in preparation for your scheduled consultation.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your personal goals, review your current diabetes management plan and offer suggestions for improving your control.  We will formulate a system for keeping and communicating records, provide essential education, and outline a plan for helping you achieve your long-term goals.

After the initial consultation, follow-up options include individual consultations scheduled at your convenience, or an insulin pump optimization service that includes fine-tuning of your pump settings and a series of scheduled consultations to provide advanced pump management education.

Please call our office for information regarding service fees, to ask any questions or schedule an appointment.  We can’t wait to work with you! (877) 735-3648

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