Complete Insulin Pump Services for a Successful Pump Experience

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Integrated Diabetes Services provides comprehensive insulin pump services to those who are considering insulin pump therapy as well as those looking for some “fine-tuning”.  For novice or experienced pumpers, our “pump management retainer” (including stages 4 and 5 below) covers everything you need to gain better control of your blood sugars and master many of the advanced aspects of diabetes self-management.

Everyone on our clinical staff has personally worn each type of insulin pump.  Integrated Diabetes Services is certified to train on every pump model.

Insulin Pump Training and Education Services Include:

Stage 1. Pre-Pump Education

  • Carb counting instruction
  • Complete record keeping
  • Insulin self-adjustment (for carbs, physical activity, high/low blood sugar)
  • Pump & basal/bolus theory
  • Assistance with pump/infusion set selection

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Stage 2. Pump Start Education

  • Injection tapering plan
  • Initial basal, bolus and correction dose calculations
  • Testing to verify skills

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Stage 3. Technical Pump Training Inservice

  • In-person or remotely
  • First-time pumps or upgrades
  • Interactive, hands-on practice
  • “Survival skill” training
  • Written instruction for handling key issues

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Stage 4.   Pump blood glucose regulation

  • Basal Rate Testing/Adjustment
  • Fine-tuning of insulin:carb ratios
  • Fine-tuning of blood sugar correction doses
  • Dosage adjustments for physical activities
  • Post-meal “spike” reduction

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Stage 5. Advanced pump education

  • Intensive safety training / troubleshooting
  • DKA prevention
  • Temporary basal rate applications
  • Use of extended bolus features
  • Application of alternate basal patterns
  • Advanced carb counting techniques


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