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jenny smith

Jennifer Smith

3 certified diabetes educators collaborate to find possible solutions to a question i was asked recently.

Not all problems with diabetes are cut and dry. Recently, my fellow certified diabetes educators, Gary Scheiner, Lisa Foster-McNulty, and I put our heads together about this inquiry:

I think my mom is allergic to insulin. Every one she tries, she develops a reaction at the injection site. It’s like a painful swollen bee sting. Her doctors have switched her to oral medications besides insulin, but her blood sugar levels are out of control.
As a side note, when I had gestational diabetes I too became allergic to insulin. I broke out in hives after using it for a few weeks. They switched me to glyburide and I was able to control my blood sugar levels with that alone.
Any advice?
-Lisa B.

To read the individual emails and answers about this, read the original article at Insulin Nation: http://insulinnation.com/treatment/medicine-drugs/insulin-allergy/

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