Unique Advantages and Possible Limitations of the Tandem MOBI Insulin Pump

Tandem Mobi pros and cons


  • Smallest insulin pump on the market
  • 3 wearability options -5” tubing “patch pump” -longer tubing with belt clip or long tubing without clip.
  • Only patch pump with completely silent wear option
  • Wireless recharging – less waste
  • Patch pump with bolus button.
  • Algorithm performance based on user settings – customizable.
  • Controlled by app on wide variety of smart phones
  • Compatible with Dexcom G6 or G7 and Libre2+
  • Can calculate boluses up to 50 units
  • Site-change reminder w/customizable day & time
  • Graphic on-screen history display
  • Temp basal up to 250%, 72 hrs
  • IOB & time remaining displayed on home screen
  • Missed bolus reminders customizable by day of the week
  • Alert for high temperatures
  • Secondary “profiles” for unique basal and bolus dosing
  • Limited unintended insulin movement with changes in pump position/cabin pressure.


    • Tubing connector looks “medical”
    • Requires charging 1-2x/week
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