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We have a newly revised carb quiz! Score 93% or better and win a prize!!

carb quiz challenge

Our newly revised carb quiz is interactive and provides questions with immediate feedback along with an explanation for the correct answer.

We have a contest if you are up for the challenge! 

Here is how it works:

      1. Click on the New IDS CARB QUIZ
      2. Think carefully as you answer all 30 questions. (You will have the option to put your name at the end of the quiz).
      3. If you score 28/30 (93%) or better, be sure to send an email to SaRene with the date and time you took the quiz
      4. As a grand prize, you can choose one of the following:
        A book of your choice from the IDS selection

You will also be FAMOUS when we recognize you as the “Carb Counting Extraordinaire” in our monthly newsletter!!

*NOTE: Qualifying scores are based on the first try only.

Accurate carbohydrate counting is an important part of diabetes management.

Even with the latest technology, an insulin user needs to be able to make the final decision on dosing. To learn more on advanced carbohydrate counting or to participate in other diabetes management education, please call us at  877-735-3648 (in N America) or 1+ (610) 642-6055 (outside N America) or contact us through our website Integrated Diabetes Services. We are here to be your diabetes specialists. 

Have fun taking the carb quiz and we hope you will learn some new things along the way!

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