Diabetes Bites Newsletter

IDS Monthly Survey: March 2023


In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites, we asked which of the available glucagon options you prefer.  

Here’s how you responded:

58% A nasal spray that comes in one dose/size

28% A self-injecting pen (needle never seen) that comes in various doses

12% A vial/syringe option where I can administer any dose I choose

4% I prefer the old-fashioned glucagon kit that must be mixed and injected manually

I’d like to meet the people who chose the old-fashioned “red box” glucagon kit, but they’re probably too busy drinking “Tab” and listening to their 8-track tapes. 

gvoke hypopen

The new glucagon options (Gvoke HypoPen, Baqsimi nasal spray, Zegalogue autoinjector) are amazingly easy to use and just as effective as the traditional 34-step kit.

new survey question

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