Diabetes Bites Newsletter

IDS Monthly Survey: December 2023


In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites, we asked, “What is your favorite category of treats?”

Here’s how you responded:

22% Salty snacks (like chips & popcorn)

19% Chocolate candies

3% Sweet candies that don’t contain chocolate

41% Baked goods (cake, muffins, cookies)

16% Frozen confections (ice cream, frozen yogurt)

Nice to know that our readers have diverse tastes, and don’t shy away from a glucose management challenge.  The sweet candies (and some of the salty snacks) are low in fat, so the glucose response is fairly predictable.  Fast, but predictable.  All the others contain modest-to-large amounts of fat, which can slow digestion of the carbs and cause a long, delayed rise due to the creation of insulin resistance.  Talk to your favorite CDCES for insulin dosing strategies if you tend to struggle with these types of foods.

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