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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

IDS Monthly Survey: August 2022


In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites, we asked what your experience has been with using insulin that has been exposed to heat.  Here’s what you had to say:

17% I have seen insulin spoil, but only when exposed to EXTREME heat.

30% Insulin seems to spoil when exposed to even mild heat.

19% Insulin appears to lose potency but not go completely bad with heat exposure.

6% Heat has never affected the potency of my insulin.

28% I never allow my insulin to be exposed to heat, so I don’t know.

Talk about a lack of consensus!  Experiences clearly vary.  But given that most users have experienced a loss of insulin effectiveness due to heat exposure, it certainly warrants attention – especially with heat waves baking many parts of the world.  If you must expose your insulin to warm/hot temperatures for more than a few minutes, precautions should be taken.  This may include the use of a cooling pouch such as the Frio Insulin Pump Cooling Wallet or the VIVI insulin pen cap; keeping insulin out of direct sunlight, away from major heat sources and out of parked cars; and changing out insulin vials/pens/pump cartridges immediately after heat exposure.



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