The Integrated Diabetes Services team (IDS) recently decided that we are going to challenge ourselves once a month with foods that can be tough for people with type 1 diabetes to consume and manage their blood sugars after.

The idea came about thanks to a new high protein kellogs cereal-Gary ate it and had beautiful blood sugars following. I on the other hand shot up to 270. If you don’t already know, we all live with type 1 too. Additionally, we are all utilizing hybrid closed loop systems (5 loopers and 1 Control IQ).

Following the challenges, we’re posting the strategy we used and our dexcom graph to show how it worked. You’ll also notice the impact of stress and life events that we’ll note in the background story. The first challenge was honey nut cheerios and the second was pizza(see results below).

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Feel free to join in our challenges or make suggestions on what meals you would like to see us do. The point is to have fun and hopefully learn too!

the cheerios challenge

CHALLENGE #1: honey nut cheerios


Cereal is tough and leaves many with a skyrocketing bg (we’ve all been there too). The team did pretty well overall and we all had a good time doing it.

Strategy order is as follows: Kristen (Control of study does not have T1D), Gary (loop), Jenny (loop/autobolus branch), Alicia (Control IQ), Annette (Loop/autobolus), Dana (Loop/autobolus), and me (Kathryn, loop/autobolus).

The Results!

pizza challenge

CHALLENGE #2: pizza

gary eating pizza

We planned for 2 slices but some of us went for a third. I have to say- I don’t think pizza counts as a challenge for Gary because he eats it quite often. Jenny’s kids on the other hand didn’t even know what Pizza Hut was! If you choose to manage your diabetes with MDI we provided tips in here for you too by popular demand.

Strategy order is as follows: Gary (loop), Jenny (loop/autobolus branch), Alicia (Control IQ), Annette (Loop/autobolus), Dana (Loop/autobolus), me (Kathryn, loop/autobolus), MDI.

The Results!

And next up, ICE CREAM!!!! Stay tuned…