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ids ice cream challengeThe IDS team has now challenged ourselves with honey nut cheerios, pizza, and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. For the ice cream challenge we decided to have one cup each (or more)-about 60g carb (at least). Life always plays a role in things as you’ve probably already begun to notice. Bragging rights for this one go to Annette but again, all of us were quite successful!

Strategy and results are as follows; Jenny, Dana, Gary, Alicia, Annette, Kathryn. Scroll on down to find out what the next challenge is!

ice cream post kathryn

We hope you’re able to learn something from these and as always, if you would like help with your diabetes management give us a call.

Follow along here on our thinking like a pancreas blog page or on social media platforms:

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Feel free to join in our challenges or make suggestions on what meals you would like to see us do. The point is to have fun and hopefully learn too!

The Results!

And the next challenge is………………. SUSHI!!!

We’ll be doing this one on Monday, September 14th-results will be on our instagram, facebook, and twitter pages the 15th. Stay tuned and feel free to join in on the challenge and share your results with us!

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