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iAPS Take Two (or 3) – a review of the app after a week of using it

I decided to give the iAPS app another go because I felt like the first time I didn’t give it enough of a chance and the same can be said for when I tried it previously as FAX.

Essentially, I love loop so something would really have to blow it out of the water to motivate a full changeover. With loop, I feel my diabetes life is “easy”. I don’t think about my personal diabetes much at all and can just glide on by with an average of at least 87% in-range. I do use physical activity, specifically walking, a lot to keep glucose in range. I (along with Jenny and Dana on the IDS team) have an under-the-desk treadmill that I use throughout my workday.

Here are my pros and cons list of the iAPS app after one week of using it:

How has the iAPS app performed?

Overall, for the week my TIR is at 74% and my low percent is way up at 6%.

But, really to blame for the steep decrease is that I’ve switched back to an orange link and the eros pods because I was able to get them free of cost (thank you kind donors!) and I’m losing connection constantly.

I have to figure out if it’s the pods or the link causing the issue. I switched back to loop for 3 days thinking maybe iAPS was the problem but that proved to be untrue as the problem persisted.

Overall, I think I’ll stick with iAPS for a while longer. Stay tuned!

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