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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

Hypoglycemia reduction

A recent study was done to evaluate A1c levels and incidents of hypoglycemia in participants with type 1 diabetes treated with inhaled insulin, Technosphere®(Afrezza) or insulin aspart (Novolog). Adult patients either received basal insulin plus Afrezza or Novolog.

The study found that participants treated with Afrezza experienced significantly fewer hypoglycemic events than participants treated with insulin aspart. Additionally, this reduction occurs without an increase in A1c. It is notable that afrezza was associated with higher rates of hypoglycaemia 30-60 min after meals. The significantly lower rates were seen 2-6 hours after meals.

Afrezza starts working faster and remains working for a shorter duration. It can be a great replacement for people that do not like needles since it is inhaled. Additionally, the hypo reduction without an increase in A1c is beneficial. You should work with your health care provider to ensure proper usage or give us a call at IDS to set up an appointment for training.
*People who have lung problems are not able to use afrezza and its not recommended for people that smoke.

Read the original study at PubMed.gov

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