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We have been helping people with type 1 diabetes for over 20 years!

Gary Scheiner, award-winning Certified Diabetes Educator and acclaimed author of 6 books including “Think Like a Pancreas“, has a staff of highly trained people all living with type 1 diabetes who together give each of their clients personal and comprehensive care, advice, and training of how to live with diabetes.

Gary is certified to train on all models of insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring systems and keeps up to date with all systems so he can provide his clients with specific advice on each.

We have many FREE resources and information on our website as well as information about our remote consultation services below:

Keep Blood Glucose Records

Keeping great records helps! You can use apps but why not go “old-school” and write it all down in a printed out chart or use a spreadsheet to help organize this info.

We have a collection of some very effective record keeping log-sheets available for FREE!

Get Your Diet in Check!

All of our diabetes maintenance and management consulting packages include access to our registered dietician Jenny who is a Registered (and Licensed) Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Certified Trainer on most makes/models of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems.

Check out some of our consulting packages.

Get Educated on Insulin Pumps

Let’s face it – there are a ton of choices of insulin pumps out there! Get informed reviews of some of the top insulin pumps from diabetes educators.

Need help? We’ve coached more than 2000 pump users on optimal use of their devices. Learn more about our insulin pump education and consultation service

Checkout our latest insulin pump comparisons and reviews!

Improve Your Diabetes Control!

We are here to offer insight and help improve your diabetes control by enhancing the performance of your CGM system.

We can help analyze and interpret CGM data in our office or remotely but also work with you to review your data and teach you how to interpret your own results.

Learn More about our CGM Analysis Service.

Can We Help Manage Your Diabetes More Effectively?

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