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Cut back on the Number of Days Spent with Cold Symptoms

article by kathryn

Call me crazy but I would rather throw up than have a cold. I truly cannot stand having a stuffy nose, it drives me nuts. Good news is, research gives us another reason to get moving and it’s that average daily step counts are found to be a “significant determinant” of the total number of symptom days.

A 2018-2019 study found that higher baseline levels of physical activity and participation in sports among young children was associated with fewer days of symptoms from upper respiratory tract infections such as the common cold. When the average daily steps taken increased by 1,000, the number of days with symptoms of upper respiratory infections decreased by an average of 4.1 days over the study period (that’s a lot!!!).

People with diabetes, especially little ones, will often have significant increases in basal insulin needs for minor colds.

Management can be extra challenging during these times. In learning that activity can be so helpful, it might be a good motivation to get your kiddos outside on a walk, to the playground, riding a bike, passing a soccer ball or any other type of physical activity they enjoy. Not only can it help bring blood sugars down but can also lead to less days battling the cold symptoms.

Read the original article at medpagetoday.com

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