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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

We workout for lots of reasons, but did you know that if you have retinopathy, a good workout might actually help to improve your eye health!?

eye healthReally! A study published in Diabetes Spectrum looked at the impact of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity on inflammation levels in the body for those who had established retinopathy.

They looked at a factor known as CRP, or C-reactive protein which is an indicator of inflammation in the body. High CRP levels may increase the severity of retinopathy.  For those who had more activity, the CRP levels were lower, which means the inflammation in their body is a lot lower. This is important for overall eye health as inflammation is damaging to the eye tissue. We can keep our eyes healthy by managing BG levels of course. But overall, exercise at a moderate-vigorous level can help our body respond better to insulin and cut inflammation too. A win-win!

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