How to Get Most Out of Your CGM – Continuous Glucose Monitor

There are tons of CGM’s out there today – but which one is the right one for you? We’ve given them the Ol’ test spins and have our unbiased reviews. Read about each below and if you need expert fine tuning, give us a call!

cgm page reviews

We offer expert diabetes consultation online OR in our office.

Our office is located near Philadelphia and features all of the latest high-tech tools & gadgets. We provide consultations in a comfortable, down-to-earth setting. No cubicles here!  Just a lot of bright open space in a supportive and motivational surrounding.

If you don’t live in our neck of the woods – no problem! We offer our diabetes consulting & coaching services remotely via phone, fax, e-mail, live chat or video conference.

Need Help? Our Continuous Glucose Monitoring Packages:

CGM Analysis Service

  • For those currently using a CGM
  • Initial assessment to review your current diabetes management program and offer test period instructions
  • Analysis of data for key patterns/trends
  • Recommendations for improving control
  • Data self-interpretation training
  • Insight for optimizing CGM performance

CGM Trial Service

  • Includes 1-2 week rental of the CGM system of your choice, with disposable supplies
  • Initial appointment to train on the system and place/insert sensor
  • Follow-up data download and reports
  • Data analysis & recommendations for improving control