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By far the most frustrating aspect of the Medtronic 670G Automode system is the burden that it places on the user with requests for blood sugar verifications. With the system requesting 6-8 finger sticks per day to maintain automode many users are jumping ship in favor of staying in automode rather than having their activities or sleep interrupted with requests. Users would even get requests for alerts repeatedly after having entered a blood sugar. This would send them down a  frustrating rabbit hole of request after request eventually leading to automode exit, turning off the sensor or frustrating sensor replacements for no good reason.

Medtronic now reports to have resolved this issue with their updated Guardian transmitters. The upgraded software removes an outdated bit of programming that lead to the repeated finger stick requests. Updated transmitters have been out for a few months and users report reduced repeated requests, but that the system still needs 4 or more blood sugar calibrations to maintain automode.

Medtronic offers free replacement Transmitters for all users still on old transmitters. It will not change your warranty dates and even if you have an expired transmitter, they will replace it with an upgraded transmitter at no cost.

Here’s how to check your transmitter to see if you should upgrade:

You may check which version you currently have connected to your pump by viewing the sensor status screen. If you see version 2.1.A or 2.1.C, you are using the old transmitter. If your version number states 2.2.A you are currently using the new transmitter.

To access sensor status, follow these prompts on your pump: MENU?STATUS?SENSOR.

This doesn’t impact people using our other products like the Guardian™ Connect.”

You can visit this site to request an upgraded transmitter:


**However, be warned, there is a supply backlog so it may take months to get your new transmitter. You will also need to pair your new transmitter when it arrives and delete the pairing for the old one.

Directions can be found here: https://www.medtronicdiabetes.com/sites/default/files/library/download-library/workbooks/MiniMed%20670G%20Replace%20Your%20Transmitter%20QRG%20-%2007-Dec-2018.pdf?