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Let’s dia-beat-this while we mom so hard!

There’s a Youtube channel I like called “I mom so hard”. It’s two moms who talk about their experiences as moms in a hilarious way. (I know countless dads who experience similar challenges)

So being inspired by them I’m going to coin the word (if it hasn’t already been done) Diabeating. “I totally diabeat that!” Sounds good, right? It reminds me of the episode of Parks and Rec where Leslie Knope makes shirts for a diabetes telethon saying “Diabetes. Let’s Dia-Beat-This!”

Something I’d like to bring light to that doesn’t always get talked about, is “momming” while “diabeating” so hard! It’s a challenge folks! Now that’s not to say that “dadding” with diabetes, or running marathons with diabetes, or just living with diabetes isn’t hard, but this is where I’m at right now in my life so that’s what I want to talk about. Selfish? Maybe…

So how can we dia-beat-this while we mom so hard?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Give diabetes the time it needs. I try to have the best control possible because when my numbers are off, my patience goes out the window.
  2. Prebolusing is great and recommended for everyone! For me, it just doesn’t happen often because I rarely eat when I think I will.
  3. Take advantage of technology to help make management easier. Using insulin automation technology (in my case Loop) has been a lifesaver!! I’m not able to give as much time to my diabetes at this stage in life, so having this system help relieves much stress and frustration.
  4. Taking time for yourself too! I usually do this by going running, swimming and long bike rides on the weekend. I also enjoy going to Target ALONE and having girl’s night out with my friends.

Most people know how important excellent blood sugar management is during pregnancy, but all too often I see how much moms struggle after the baby’s born. While not as critical to have such tight numbers, it’s still important to not let things go out of control too much. With a little work, and the support of others, it’s definitely doable and so worth it.

One of those supports is us here at IDS. Let us know if you need that extra help to get you where you need to be in terms of management.

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