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What is ChatGPT AI and how will artificial intelligence will change our world in medicine and in diabetes management?

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You cannot look online at any medical journal or a news outlet regarding diabetes and medicine without seeing something about a world moving towards the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

chatgpt and diabetes

It sounds a little creepy but all change is usually uncomfortable at the beginning. To dip my toes into AI, I asked ChatGPT to explain what it is?

So then, I asked it to explain that in simpler terms and abracadabra…

Well, that sounds very nice and friendly. So, what is all the hubbub about?

Here are some of the recent headlines that came across my desk from the few diabetes professional journals that give me 6-8 current or cutting-edge topics that are being studied in the diabetes world.

So once again, the went back to the source and asked ChatGPT how its use could help healthcare providers provide better diabetes care

It’s important to note that while ChatGPT and similar AI tools can significantly augment healthcare services, they should not replace professional medical advice or the personalized care provided by healthcare professionals. The technology should be used as a complementary tool within the broader context of patient care.

I personally am quite excited by the capabilities of AI in the world of diabetes. Do I think it will replace my job, no. Do I think it could help to streamline parts of my job, yes. In medicine we spend way too much time on paperwork and anything that can decrease that is a positive.

Diabetes is a unique condition where there are general guidelines that are the same for everyone. But diabetes is also a very individualized condition where everyone responds differently to every meal, every insulin injection or bolus, any exercise, stress, caffeine and on and on. Managing diabetes well takes a team. The person with diabetes will do better if they learn how to interpret their own patterns and all the variables affecting their life. That is role of a good diabetes support team. They teach you how to understand YOUR diabetes. You manage your own diabetes 99% of the time and see a healthcare professional about 1% of your time.

Having years of personal and professional experience with diabetes cannot be replaced by AI. But I would be happy to give up some of the paperwork to any AI bot that wants to take it.

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