gyms in covid 19 germs

I am so ready to head back to the gym and load up the bars with the weight I desire, utilize the machines that help target the muscle I’m working, and get back in a motivating gym environment. Unfortunately, it could be risky. According to the Federal Government’s plan, gyms will have to adhere to “strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols”. Most gyms that have reopened have many machines “out of service” to keep exercisers at a distance, special hours, limits to the number of people allowed in. If you are in a gym and doing a vigorous workout, you’re breathing hard. Therefore, if someone around you coughs or sneezes without a mask on, you’re likely to inhale their germs.

Exciting as it is to get back to a sense of normality, it’s still probably best to stick to your at-home workout for a bit longer. Additionally, working out outdoors appears less problematic since germs from coughs disperse much quicker in the open air.

Tips if you decide to return to the gym right away:

  • Try to go during the less busy times
  • Have a general plan for what you want to do and backup plans for each exercise in case the equipment you want is unavailable
  • Touch as few things as possible
  • Wipe things down before and after use
  • Consider bringing your own cleaning agent for killing germs
  • Bring hand sanitizer (alcohol-based, over 60%)
  • Try to avoid close contact with others
  • Wear a mask, especially if holding a conversation with others
  • Wash hands when you can
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Bring your own water
  • Assume everyone has the virus and act accordingly

For more information visit: https://www.cnet.com/health/gyms-reopen-how-to-protect-your-self-at-the-gym-after-coronavirus/

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