Glitch in IOB Calculation with Animas pumps!


We never want to have a glitch when it comes to diabetes management. When we find out about a glitch it is important to share – we all learn and benefit in our management. A few of our patients brought it to our attention that they noticed their pumps showed IOB (on the bolus calculation screen) long after the duration of bolus action had passed – this is specific to the Animas insulin pump.  In discussion with Animas Clinical Services, it seems that Animas decided to include a “tail of action” that goes beyond the DIA set in the pump in the EARLY version of the Vibe. The early version of the Vibe was software version “F3f.”    That is the version where you will see that IOB tail. The present software version is “F3m.”   This will be seen on pumps built after Sept 25th, 2015 and there is no tail of IOB action in this pump version.

If you use an Animas VIBE pump, check the software version you are using to see if this affects you, or call Animas to see when you received your pump and what version you are using. You can also evaluate the bolus calculation screen to see if you notice IOB is being considered when you know you are past your set bolus action time (active insulin time or Duration of insulin action). Since the IOB is deducted from correction boluses (if BG is above target) and meal boluses (if BG is below target), it can result in chronic under-dosing.