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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

glucosezoneEveryone with at least half a brain knows that exercise is helpful, if not essential, for people with diabetes.  If you find it difficult to start and maintain an exercise program, GlucoseZone may be just what the diabetes educator ordered.

GlucoseZone is a digital exercise solution providing customized and challenging exercise programs for people living with diabetes. The mission of GlucoseZone is to offer an affordable and effective bridge between diabetes and safe exercise – something founder & CEO Charles O’Connell struggled with for many years as a person with type-1 diabetes.

Whether an experienced athlete or starting for the first time, GlucoseZone caters to all fitness levels, diabetes types, and health goals.  If you’re nervous or uninspired when it comes to exercise, GlucoseZone can guide you along the way. 

GlucoseZone is a subscription service, but you can get 30% off by using the promo code: IDSGZ

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