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Get Better Sleep by Adding Daily Physical Activity

A really common barrier to physical activity is perceived lack of time or energy.

But, if we exercise at the right time, it can help us in many ways including giving us more energy and lead to better sleep quality. Based on studies,  people who do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise could see a difference in their sleep quality that same night!

Personally, if I exercise too late in the day, I’ll get super hyped up and have more trouble falling asleep. Whereas when I get it done earlier, I find I fall asleep earlier. The reason this happens to me (and many others) is because physical activity causes the body to release “happy” endorphins.

The benefits of better sleep tend to be immediate. So if you are physically active after reading this write-up, you can get better sleep tonight. 

I love meeting with patients to help them put together an exercise program that works for them and they are able to sustain. Give our office a call and set up an appointment for exercise programming with diabetes management or sign up for one of my out muscle diabetes group exercise classes! :)

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