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Gene Test Reveals Who Will Benefit Most From Wegovy

by, Kathryn Gentile Alvarez, IDS Director of Exercise Physiology, Teen/Young Adult Specialist


GLP-1s hit Hollywood and you’ve likely either heard of them by now or you’re on one.

Recent preliminary research suggests genes might play a role in who might be able to lose more pounds taking semaglutide. A new test that assigns a genetic risk score to patients may be able to spot who is likely to be successful on injected weight-loss medications. As the article points out, the potential of being able to predict success could save time and money (and some unwanted side effects too).

Who benefits the most from taking Wegovy?

The test works by evaluating changes in genes in the signaling pathway for the GLP-1 hormone and assigns them as either “hungry gut”-positive or “hungry gut”-negative.

If a person is grouped as hungry gut-negative, it means that they do not respond as well to hormonal signals from the stomach that tell the brain it’s time to stop eating. Therefore, they would be less likely to successfully lose weight.

This research comes from the Mayo Clinic. It has not yet been reviewed and published. In the future, this could be helpful. For people with diabetes, even if it does not help with weight loss, it can still be very beneficial for post-meal blood glucose.

For more information: https://www.healthday.com/health-news/weight-loss/hungry-gut-gene-test-shows-wholl-benefit-most-from-wegovy

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