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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

trivia question popcornLast month, I asked you to identify MY favorite food.

Answer:  POPCORN.

Especially the movie-theater kind, but I also pop a mean batch on the stovetop at home (it helps ease the pain while watching my Philly sports teams).  Congrats to Karen Yadgar for coming up with the right answer.  Karen is a late-onset T1 from Denver, Colorado, USA, who happens to be a big fan of the popped stuff herself.


People with type-1 diabetes are at a substantially higher risk for developing additional auto-immune diseases.  Personally, I’ve dealt with hypothyroidism and psoriasis for many years.    Researchers at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine conducted a cross-sectional study and found 30 different autoimmune diseases present in the type-1 population.  WHICH THREE ARE MOST COMMON?

*The first person to submit the correct answer wins their choice of book from our in-store or online bookstore.

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