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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

trivia question popcornLast month, we asked you to estimate how many cups of popcorn fit in the enormous bucket from my local movie theater.

Congratulations to 38-year-old father-of-five (at last count) David Rubenstein of Valley Village, California for being the first to answer correctly!

ANSWER:  24 CUPS.  At 5g carb per cup, that comes to… well… you do the math.

Clearly, this was not an easy question.  We received dozens of guesses, ranging from 10 to 32 cups.  Even our own IDS staff had a hard time figuring it out!  Annette Valle came closest, estimating 22 cups.  Just goes to show that carb counting is as much art as it is science.


old insulin vialSince this is National Diabetes Month here in the States, lets get in the wayback machine to 1923, when the original researchers who discovered insulin sold their patent to the University of Toronto so that manufacturing could begin.

How much were they paid for the original insulin patent?

*The first person to submit the correct answer wins their choice of book from our in-store or online bookstore.

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