Diabetes Bites Newsletter

Last month, we asked you to identify how many children the IDS staff (clinical & administrative) has all-together. 

NOBODY guessed the right number! 

Answer:  18

Gary has 4: Marley (age 23), Jackie (21), Benjamin (18), Nalani (15)
Jenny has 2: Oscar (6), Conan (2)
Alicia has 1: Asher (almost 2)
Kristen has 2: Grace (5), Sadie (3)
Diane has 2: Jackson (13), Lauren (10)
Nancy has 2: Scott (39), Blair (37)
Karen has 2: Denise (50), Dan (46)
Annette has 2… no, make that 3!  Rubin (4), Oley (2), and Lusia is just a few days old.  Congratulations Annette!


In the early days of diabetes treatment, the name of the game was simply survival. But that all changed when sharper minds came to the realization that mere survival wasn’t enough. 

Name the physician who first pioneered the approach of strict control of blood glucose, frequent monitoring and daily exercise to prevent diabetes complications.