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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

Congratulations to Amy St. Clair and Jennifer Smith (not our Jennifer Smith!), a dog-adoring radiation therapist from Upper Michigan who has lived with T1 for 35 years.  They were the first to correctly answer last month’s trivia question:

What is the most common reason cited by T1D Exchange survey respondents for not downloading their diabetes devices?

Answer:  It takes too much time.  That’s a surprise to us, because it usually takes less than a minute.  Other popular reasons cited included “Don’t know how,” “Software compatibility issues,” and “Didn’t know I could”.


Here’s a change of pace…  The Integrated Diabetes Services clinical and administrative staff has grown to include eight people: Gary, Jenny, Alicia, Annette, Kristen, Diane, Karen and Nancy.

How many children does the IDS staff have, all-together?

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