Pros & Cons of the Freestyle Libre2 14 Day Continuous Glucose Monitorfreestyle libre2 cgm

  • Unique Advantages: Pros

      • No calibration needed
      • Sensor life 14 days (longest disposable sensor duration available)
      • Easy to grip inserter
      • Low profile transmitter
      • Lowest cash pay cost
      • 1-hour warm up (shortest)
      • Reading updated every 60 seconds, recorded to memory every 15 minutes,
      • Sensor stores up to 8 hours of data if not scanned.
      • Reader and app accept notes to track info such as carbs, meal/snack type, insulin, exercise, comments, medications
      • App allows for adds/edits to logbook info at any time
      • Reader only requires a charge every 4 days, or it can be charged briefly every day
      • Medicare approved
      • Data upload software available
      • Glucometer built into reader
      • New! Easy to set up, easy to use Freestyle Libre 2 phone app now available for iPhones.
      • Phone app has real-time alerts for lows and highs that prompts you to scan to see the glucose value.
      • Phone app can link to healthcare provider team with LibreView and/or link to up to 20 people using the LibreLinkUp app
      • Easy to log info real-time, or add logbook details later and adjust the date/time of the entry.
  • Potential Drawbacks: CONS

      • Need to carry reader if app is not compatible with your phone
      • Must scan sensor and wait a moment to get data
      • Tends to ‘exaggerate’ lows & alerts for lows when not low
      • Calibration not available to improve accuracy
      • Can only add/edit notes within 15 minutes of real-time on Reader
      • It takes 3 hours to fully charge a low battery Reader
      • >500 mg daily of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) may falsely raise Sensor glucose readings
      • Transmitter adhesive may not last 14 days
      • Need to use enough “force” to push the inserter device to deploy the sensor from the inserter into the body.
      • Aside from a momentary display after scanning to get a glucose result, the phone app only displays in 24 hour graph format which visually causes a more variable-appearing glucose graph than if it were displayed in a 3, 6, or 12 hour view. 
      • Still comes with a fine print warning of: IMPORTANT: The device may inaccurately indicate hypoglycemia. The results of the clinical study conducted for this device showed that 40% of the time when the device indicated that user sensor glucose values were at or below 60 mg/dL, user glucose values were actually in the range of 81-160 mg/dL. Therefore, interpretation of the FreeStyle Libre Pro Flash Glucose Monitoring System readings should only be based on the trends and patterns analyzed through time using the reports available per the intended use.
      • A warning related to charging the Reader states: Surface temperature of Reader and power adapter could be as high as 120?F while charging. Do not hold the Reader or power adapter for more than 5 minutes while charging.
    freestyle libre2 app
    freestyle libre2 app
    freestyle libre2 app
    freestyle libre2 app