Pros & Cons of the Freestyle Libre 14 hour Continuous Glucose Monitor

freestyle libre 14 day cgm review

  • Unique Advantages: Pros

    • No calibration needed
    • Sensor life 14 days
    • Single button press insertion
    • Low profile transmitter
    • Lowest cost
    • 1-hour warm up (shortest)
    • Glucometer built into reader
    • Reading updated every 60 seconds, recorded to memory every 15 minutes,
    • Sensor stores up to 8 hours of data if not read.
    • Reader accepts notes or events
    • Medicare approved
    • Data upload software
  • Potential Drawbacks: CONS

    • No realtime high/low alerts
    • Need to carry reader and scan sensor to get data
    • No “sharing” feature
    • Calibration not available to improve accuracy.
    • Widest inaccuracy in low glucose range
    • Reader requires up to 3 hour charge every 7 days
    • Freestyle software uploading can be confusing and reports are not interactive
    • May be impacted by Vitamin C and aspirin
    • Events must be entered at time of event (cannot back-enter)
    • Transmitter adhesive may not last 14 days