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A Five Week Meditation Course for People With DiabetesBeing with Diabetes meditation course

Being with Diabetes is a meditation course designed by and for people affected by diabetes that will provide you with an opportunity to explore the ways that diabetes and meditation can be interwoven to create the fabric of a more meaningful and intentionally lived life. 

As a special offering for those in our Integrated Diabetes Services community, you have the opportunity to apply a 20% discount for your participation in this course. (Discount code: BREATHE-20)

Being with Diabetes will be offered in a “flipped classroom” format. During each week of the course, you will be introduced to that week’s topic through short, pre-recorded videos and readings. We will then gather live in community for one hour each Sunday to deepen our exploration of that topic through evidence-based mindfulness practices and exercises, interactive discussions, and guided reflections. The course will revisit and expand on some of the key themes covered in the 2023 offering of “Being with Diabetes” as well as provide additional opportunities to explore and expand how mindfulness can be carried into your daily life with diabetes.

This course is also about connecting, sharing, and growing together. It’s a chance to join a community of individuals who can understand your journey with diabetes in a way others may not be able to. It’s a safe and supportive space where we can learn collaboratively through our experiences, insights, and care for each other.

We will be hosting 2 open houses on January 25th @ 8 pm ET, and February 4th @ 7 pm ET.

Come learn about the course and how meditation can be so beneficial for those living with diabetes, and experience a live meditation led by course facilitators Sam Tullman and Brooke Cassoff.

join the Open house and learn more

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