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FDA gives nod to Eli Lilly’s Humalog Junior Kwikpen

By Lisa Foster-McNulty, MSN, RN, CDE



In a press release dated June 14, Humalog insulin manufacturer Eli Lilly announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved their Humalog Junior Kwikpen for more precise dose adjustments in the treatment of diabetes.  A pre-filled rapid-acting insulin pen with the capability of delivering doses in half-unit increments, the Humalog Junior Kwikpen will be ideal for insulin users who prefer the convenience of a pre-filled, disposable insulin pen, yet need finer dose adjustments.  The new pen is designed in accordance with specifications from the International Organization for Standardization for needle-based injections. 

The pen will be available in American pharmacies later this year.  Lilly is also pursuing regulatory approval in the European Union.

No longer will the durable Luxura HD pen with refillable cartridges be the only way to receive Humalog in half unit increments via pen.  For people who want the convenience of a pre-filled, disposable insulin pen, this will make life with diabetes just a little bit easier!


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