stomach ache

The FDA recently approved Evoke Pharma’s Gimoti (metoclopramide) nasal spray for adults with acute and recurrent diabetic gastroparesis.

This drug is an alternative to oral and injected medication for relief of symptoms. Oral medication has the potential to be compromised due to the condition. It is believed that Evoke can be tolerated by patients even when they are vomiting/nauseous.

Gastroparesis is a disorder where the stomach’s contractions are disrupted, compromising digestion. The estimated population of people with diabetes that also have gastroparesis is 5-65% and is typically seen in people with T1D and those with diabetes for more than 10 years. The range is broad because it is a difficult condition to diagnose.

For more information visit: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3584692-fda-oks-evoke-pharmas-metoclopramide-for-diabetic-gastroparesis