Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

Q:  Do I still need to see my doctor if I work with Integrated Diabetes Services?
A:  Absolutely!  You need your physician to write your prescriptions, order/review your labwork, perform routine exams and oversee your care in case of an emergency.

Q:  I’m ready! How do I start the process of using Integrated Diabetes Services?
A:  To start the ball rolling, we need a few forms filled out and sent back into our office. Both the “Terms of Consultation” form and “Patient Care Assessment” form are located on the How to Start the Process page. You may also use our online appointment scheduler and for any other questions, please feel free to call our office.

Q:  Are your services available in languages other than English?                                                                       A:  Yes!  At present, we offer all of our diabetes consulting services in both English and Spanish.