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Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes: JDRF PEAK Program

JDRF PEAK is a program meant to share information about exercising safely with Type 1 diabetes. This program is a collaboration of JDRF with researchers around the world meant to address a missing piece in type 1 care and education.

JDRF has workshops designed to help the Type 1 community access information on exercise and adjustment. Two levels of workshops are available. One geared towards people with Type 1 or for caregivers of people with Type 1 and another geared toward health care professionals. Each program provides info on all aspects of Type 1 diabetes, from diet to physiology. There are currently 14 programs planned. The eventual goal is to have PEAK programs integrated into each one of JDRF’s summits and available online, Dr. Kowalski said.

For more info on the research that lead to these workshops and information click here and here.

For more info and the list of JDRF PEAK summits planned, click here.

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