diabetes mentoringTens of millions worldwide have some form of diabetes, and an estimated 60% or more don’t know anyone else in their lives who lives with diabetes as well. Are you one of them?

Don’t miss The Peer Diabetes Mentoring Summit from November 1-7, 2016, free and online!

The Peer Diabetes Mentoring Summit will give you the tools to build your diabetes emotional support system, reduce your fears about living with diabetes, and overcome mental barriers – knowledge that could empower you to regain control of your health and happiness in life.

24+ peer mentors living with diabetes and those who love us are here to help you overcome the mental and emotional barriers living with diabetes often comes with that only a peer can truly understand. Unfortunately most doctors never mention the incredible importance of peer support because they truly don’t understand the lived experience of diabetes day to day.

Your host, Daniele Hargenrader, BSNS, CHC, created The Peer Diabetes Mentoring Summit because conventional medicine failed her in her journey with type 1 diabetes because they never mentioned how crucial it was to find a peer support system. It’s now her mission to help make sure it doesn’t fail you! Join us if you have ANY TYPE of diabetes, or you love or care for someone who does. If so, this free, online summit is for you!! Will you be there?

There will also be lots of free prizes and giveaways throughout the summit, and once you register, you will be in the running to win things like a Dario blood glucose meter, Beyond Type 1 prize packs, t-shirts from your favorite diabetes organizations, books from some incredible diabetes book authors, and so much more. Register for FREE now at the following link to make sure you’ll see the free talks: http://peerdiabetessummit.com