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COVID-19 Boosters

The COVID-19 pandemic touched the lives of every individual in one way or another. Some could no longer go see family and friends and some even lost loved ones along the way.

However, adults with type 1 diabetes faced a more individualized challenge, that being an increase in their sugar levels after receiving their COVID-19 booster.

A study that was referenced in the July 2023 publication of Healio News went into the details behind this discovery. An outpatient study was held in San Diego and consisted of 21 adults, who all had type 1 diabetes, with 62% receiving Pfizer and 38% receiving Moderna vaccines. A Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor was provided to each participant to get a baseline glucose level of each person participating in the study. After the baseline glucose data was collected, the participants received their COVID-19 booster. Approximately one week after the booster was administered, the participants removed their Dexcom G6 and the data was analyzed.

vaccination recordThe data showed surprising results.

The study group had a higher mean glucose level on days 2-3 after receiving the booster. The glucose levels started to descend toward normal by day 4-5. Insulin resistance can also be seen on day 2 and tended to get closer to the baseline on days 3-5.

Dr. Demidowich, one of the doctors overseeing this study, was surprised to see that the glucose level remained elevated for 2 days post-vaccination.

Demidowich states “This study shows why providers need to advise adults with type 1 diabetes to monitor their glucose levels more closely in the days following a COVID-19 vaccination”.

I was under the impression that the side effects of the vaccine for COVID-19 would include things like fever, chills, fatigue, arm soreness, headache, swelling of lymph nodes, etc. These are the symptoms we are commonly told to watch for and that are mostly reported. However, when I received my COVID-19 booster I wasn’t told of any information regarding how the booster could affect my blood sugar.  Now I know better!

Given that blood sugar levels are increased by the COVID-19 booster, further studies are needed to see if similar results are true for other types of vaccines.

Article by: Morgan Malatesta