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Learn from my mistakes! Do as I say, not as I do…

One of the many teaching topics we cover at IDS is always being prepared, especially during travel. Some of the suggestions include: bringing extra supplies, having a written prescription for insulin just in case, extra low supplies, always keeping medications on you, etc.

Here’s where do as I say, not as I do comes into play. Not once, but twice I’ve made two big mistakes while traveling recently.

Everyone makes mistakes, and I give myself some grace, but I urge you, do as I say!

I forgotMISTAKE #1

During my travels to Spain, I brought:

  • extra pods
  • long acting insulin (in case I broke my phone and couldn’t loop)
  • syringes
  • an extra vial of insulin
  • a frio case for temperature control
  • extra dexcom transmitter and sensors, and a meter

During my travels, I would make three stops in different locations (two in Spain, one in Portugal).

And here’s my downfall, I left all of the insulin in the mini fridge at hotel number 1.

I was traveling with others and couldn’t go back to get it. So what is it that I forgot that would have made my forgotten insulin a lot less stressful? My written prescription!

Getting insulin in Europe would be pretty simple if I had that. I ended up being ok because I was traveling with another T1D who so nicely gave me a vial of insulin.

lessons learnedMISTAKE #2

The other mistake I made was when I left my afrezza inhaler on a room service table.

I only brought one and when I called, it was too late and long gone. Sigh. These mistakes were VERY expensive and caused a lot of stress that I could have avoided.

Hopefully, lesson has been learned and I will bring a list to make sure I’m not leaving anything behind and always have that backup written prescription.

Mistakes are inevitable. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, know you can always go to the hospital if all else fails.

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