Discount Coupon Codes for Genteel, Myabetic & GrifGrips Diabetes Supplies

///Discount Coupon Codes for Genteel, Myabetic & GrifGrips Diabetes Supplies
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IDS family: Did you know that you are eligible for discount coupon codes on some of the best Diabetes supplies and products from Genteel, Myabetic & GrifGrips?

discount coupon codes on diabetes supplies

Clients, colleagues and friends of Integrated Diabetes Services are entitled to special discounts on some of the best product & devices in the diabetes industry.

Company Product Discount / Coupon Code Link

Pinkery Pods

Stylish snap-on, reusable covers for OmniPod pods.  Dozens of creative and customizable options.

Use the code IDS10 to receive 10% off your order (click on “apply shop discount code before proceeding to checkout).


Hands down the most comfortable and customizable finger lancing device on the market.

Use the code INTEGRATED to receive $15 off your purchase.


The most fashionable and functional diabetes organizers on the planet.

Use discount code INTEGRATED for 15% off your order.


Cloth adhesive bandages in a variety of shapes, colors & sizes for pump infusion sets, pods & CGMs.

Use code INTEGRATED for 10% off your total order.

Marketers & manufacturers of Diabetes Supplies:

Want to be included in our discount listing?

please send a proposal to

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